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Just know where to buy xrp 

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Xrp is a cryptocurrency that you will trade. Ripple is the blockchain. If you have never bought bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like xrp before then, you will have to find a broker or an exchange that would allow you to deposit some fiat currencies on an account like US dollars or pound sterling or euros.

Then you can go ahead and exchange that to buy xrp. There is much good exchange that you can get, and you are free to decide the ones you want.

 Where to buy xrp?

There are two ways as to where to buy xrp that is the cryptocurrency. This first is to use a very consumer-friendly exchange service, and there are trading services like Binance and Coinbase. Both of them are quite consumer-friendly, and they have many options. They have feature-rich mobile apps, too, that makes things easier. You can see all the prices for xrp by other cryptocurrencies, and they offer way more features than beginners need.

Using these simple exchange services on something like Binance is very easy. You just deposit your fee in it, and then you can choose the fee you are paying with and the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Ripple or xrp, you should be paying a little extra on top of the exchange rate because of how easy they make it.

You should only pay 1% in terms of trading fees above the actual exchange rate. The problem with this is that you have no control over the exchange rate you are paying for the cryptocurrency. So, you may want to go ahead and their more professional trading services.


Every exchange provides a more advanced trading service, and these offer access to the live cryptocurrency marketplaces on their platforms where you can go and trade directly with other traders. This is way cheaper in terms of the price and some of the trading fees.

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