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Small business loans help entrepreneurs to sustain their business when they run out of finances. They are also essential when it comes to expanding the business. A small business owner can secure a loan to purchase equipment or even to rent operational space. Getting approved for a loan can be challenging if the lender is not confident enough whether the business owner will pay back the money. The owners of the businesses can apply for small business loans from credit unions, banks, or any other financial institution. There are many types of business loans offered by commercial banks.

Here is an overview of how to apply for a business loan

1.     Determine the need for the loan.

Experienced business owners and entrepreneurs are believed to be clear about the reason and the number of business loans they require. This can be a challenge to the start-up business owners as they are not clear on the exact amount they require to sustain the business. Financial statements play a crucial role when it comes to calculating the amount of loan to be obtained. As an entrepreneur, you are required to take time and determine the amount you need to achieve the desired business objective. One may acquire the loan to grow the business, use it as a safety cushion or even manage day-to-day expenses.

2.     Decide on which type of loan you need.

Taking advice from a financial expert on which type of loan to take is very essential. This is because there are very many business loans. You need to settle for one that will fulfill the need for the loan. Any small business owner would require a cash flow for the repayment of the loan.

3.     Determine your borrowing options

This is because a business owner can get commercial loans from several places for instance from online money lenders, nonprofit microlenders, and even banks. All of these money lenders offer term loans, account receivable financing, and even lines of credit. You need to find the best option then apply for a business loan. You can use the bank option if you have a good credit score and in case you don’t need the money fast. Micro-lenders are ideal if you lack collateral.

4.     Review your credit score and credit history

The moneylenders will review your credit score before you proceed with the application for the loan. In instances whereby the business is less than three years old, both your personal and business credit history will be evaluated. You can easily obtain the credit report form from any credit reporting agency.

5.     Gather the relevant document and apply for the loan

Once you are done with the comparison of the loan options, apply for the loan that you qualify for. Different lenders will require different documents. Most of the commonly required documents are:

  • Business licenses
  • Article of corporation
  • Financial statements. This is in the case whereby you have a limited operating history.
  • Both personal and business income tax returns.
  • Balance sheet and income statements.
  • Both personal and business bank statements.

Wrapping up

To sum up, getting a small business loan involves some procedures. The above article gives a summary of what is required to obtain the loan. In case you find it difficult, you can reach out to a loan officer or a financial expert for guidance.

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