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How Much Risk Tolerance Can Be Safe for Your Trading?

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Knowing how much risk one should take for a single trade brings a sense of liberty in his trading strategy. This liberty is about making doubtless, confident decisions. It is the most intimidating task for a traders in Singapore. Determining the safest percentage of exposure for a trader is often more confusing than it sounds. While the standard tolerance rate is 1 to 2 percent, profit hunters often exceed around 5 percent.

One thing that every investor should understand that estimating the amount of risk is not a one-fold pursuit. One might follow certain principles to determine the peak point of his risk fortitude. However, the most profitable approach is to cling on to his personal preferences.

What is Risk Tolerance?

Risk tolerance is a strategic viewpoint. This viewpoint stands on ones’ comfortability around a specific amount of danger range. An effective risk tolerance tells an investor the highest amount of money he can afford to danger at a given time or moment.

Forex with higher risk fortitude are more aggressive than the ones who possess lower risk tolerance. Different financial marketers and other professionals who have a strong and stable income source tend to be more aggressive than those with financial obligations and meager trading experience. They set for a safer road to profit. To reinforce your safety, you can chose Saxo capital markets Singapore as your prime broker. By trading with them, you can know a lot about this market.

As out of inexperience and greed, amateurs seem to take high danger. The professionals, knowing the nature of the currency business, become inclined to less dangerousbusinesses.

Elements of Risk Tolerance

For those who still do not know how to be aggressive in their trading; below are some considerations you may contemplate on:

1.      Capital at Hand

The amount of money a trader has at a given time as his balance is his capital at hand. The size of the capital is crucial in determining ones’ tolerance. As it seems, the larger account is, the bigger the positions it can survive.

Investors who have small accounts should avoid mini or standard-sized lots. They often trigger margin calls at the least volatility.

2.      Lifestyle

Having a stable and regular source of paychecks is beneficial to trader. It allows them to accept a few losses and put lion-part of their focus on skill development.

However, traders who treat this Forex business as their sole source of income face more limitations like fear and greed. Losses have a critical effect on their everyday life. For such investors, trading with short positions is the best idea.

3.      Time Frame

Have you yet decided upon the duration you want to keep your trades active? Smaller position size is generally a characteristic of longer-term businesses. They can endure greater volatility.

If you are more into shorter-term deals like day, swing, or scalp trading, you can size up your positions.

4.      Experience

Experience is the factor that brings more confidence and robustness to your trading instincts. They get more accurate too.

Accumulating enough confidence to increase his position size, a trader can improve his trading game. However, amateurs should not go for such actions. Because they are prone to get emotional and vulnerable to the high volatility risk.

5.      Mindset

No vocation does not appreciate having a productive mindset. A productive mindset is not an elusive term. It only refers to a thought-process that only supports the ability to generate significant results. A productive mindset will drive to think and to take action in a way that only adds more value to your work life. It will encourage to avert all other thoughts and actions.


The effect of your tolerance on the decisions you make every day, might remain anonymous to you. However, once you establish the right balance, you will experience a significant improvement in your Forex vocation.

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