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Crypto trading platforms that you can use to enhance your trading skills.

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1 )  Crypto Parrot.

This is one of the crypto trading platforms that is meant to be used by the newbies who practically have never conducted any form of crypto trading as it typically is beginner friendly trading simulator.

This crypto trading platform of the crypto parrot typically does not offer any kind of chart features. Therefore, you just have to fill up the amount so that you can be able to make your trading activity to be a successful one.

For the purpose of making trades this crypto trading platform of the crypto parrot usually offers you with 100,000 US dollars while you are signing up and you are permitted to redeem anything that you make on this initial 100,000 play US dollars. Other than crypto simulation the platform also perform some competition to the traders and offer updates of the latest news of the crypto world.

2) . Cryptohopper.

This crypto trading platform was created and established by two brothers who typically were crypto enthusiastic. Unlike the other crypto trading platform this crypto hopper is practically not compatible with Ledger Live. The reason being is due to the fact that this crypto hopper is a crypto trading bot that only lets you create paper trading account so that you can be able to test their bots.

With the free plan feature of this crypto hopper, you are very much capable of creating one crypto paper trading bot while using one exchange, you are also very much capable of depositing up to 100,000 amount of cash of any crypto currency of your desire and experiment away with this particular free simulator.

By using this crypto trading platform of the crypto hopper paper trading, you will definitely get the real trading experience of using charts, dissimilar trading views, and many other things. The crypto hopper generally connects to the public data, and not your own exchange account. When you initially log in to their UI it practically seems like an overwhelming thing for you. Therefore, it is recommendable that you follow their tutorial of paper trading if by any chance you are a beginner.

3 )  Bit MEX Test net.

This crypto trading platform of Bit MEX test net is perhaps the biggest crypto trading exchange in the globe and they usually comprehend the manner in which it is very much capable of being challenging and risky for a beginner to trade. In order for them to solve this particular problem, they were able to launch a better Bit MEX Test net that allowed traders to be able to practice selling or buying crypto currency features contracts with all the features of the Bit MEX such as leverage and also other trading tools.

Bit MEX test net is usually treated by Bit MEX as a separate entity, therefore, even if you have an account in Bit MEX you most certainly are required to create a new account in the Bit MEX test net and the initial amount of demo XBT is very much capable of replenishing via the faucet.

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