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5 things you must-do if you’re a cat owner!

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Cat ownership isn’t too much of a challenge, but it’s worthwhile knowing some key activities that will help keep them healthy. Read on…

  1. Ensure they have enough space to get the right amount of physical stimulation. Pets, like people, fall out of shape if they don’t obtain enough exercise. Help your cat avoid behavioural and medical issues by ensuring it has plenty of room to explore, play and rest in private. You can even provide a stimulating atmosphere for cats by scattering a variety of toys about their home.
  2. Make time for psychological exercise as well. For mental health, 15 minutes of mental exercise is equivalent to 1 hour of physical play. The more mental stimulation we provide our pets, the less likely they are to develop undesired habits. You might introduce a cat activity centre to your home and use a unique food-dispensing ball to feed your cat. Allow your cat to sniff about in the yard for hidden treasures by scattering a handful of food. There are plenty of things you can do to entertain their natural curiosity.
  3. At home, provide proper oral care. Cats also have teeth that are at their healthiest when clean. Brush your cat’s teeth at least once a day. Provide an enzymatic chew as an alternative to help reduce tartar buildup, tooth problems, and foul breath. Not possible? Ensure they have regular vet visits that involve dental care.
  4. Visit the veterinarian at least once or twice a year for your cat for check-ups. Discuss not only dental care but vaccinations, tick and flea treatments, worming and grooming. And don’t forget to get cat insurance. Cat insurance plays a very important role in reducing the burden of medical expenses when it’s a critical time for your pet. And today, you can easily get insurance for pets online.
  5. Have a good time with your pet! Take advantage of the time you have with your cat. They will be a senior before you realise it, and you’ll be left wondering where the years have gone. Make a deep connection with your cat. They adore you wholeheartedly, don’t forget that.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you prolong your cat’s life so you can enjoy their company for as long as possible.

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